Five harmful myths that hurt cats

Five harmful myths that hurt cats

Cats are preferable pets for several people. They are loved and given care in many households. However, these creatures can be difficult to comprehend sometimes. Their behaviour needs to be understood properly. This is perceived as cats are mysterious and unlikable pets. That is why there are several misconceptions revolving around cats. 

Just go through the following five popular yet harmful myths that hurt cats

Cats steal the breath of babies 

It is a fact that cats are great to cuddle partners with its owner. They are very soft and furry which can cause allergies to some people. This created the myth that cats are extremely harmful to children and cannot be very friendly. But this is not true. Cats can become super close to their owners in a very short time. They will start sleeping next to you and follow wherever you go. However, it is essential to keep them away from very small kids as the hair can be allergic.

Bad behaviour

Cats show some attitude to their owners at times. This is perceived that cats actually have an attitude as a trait. This is completely untrue. Cats use attitude and bad behaviour as a way of expressing their pain. This can also be taken as their defence mechanism to combat pain. This can be both external pain or internal malfunction. It is advisable to notice their bad behaviour and give them the care that is necessary. It is also good to consult a vet if the pain is due to internal organ malfunction. 

Cats are slow eaters 

When a cat eats out of a bowl they tend to take some time. They might also leave the bowl half-eaten. This does not mean that they hate the food or are slow eaters. The cat whiskers are extremely sensitive. So when they eat from a bowl it can be inconvenient for their whiskers touching them frequently. Instead, owners can try using a wide rectangular bowl to solve this issue so that they can eat fully.

Cats love outdoors

Like all pet animals, cats love the indoors and the presence of the owner. Cats lie to get themselves engaged with some of the other activity else they become very lousy and bored. Owners can spend a good time indoors with different toys and going for outdoor play with them is equally lovable. This keeps the cat engaged and does not harm their behaviour. 

Cats are not lovable pets

This is a huge myth which is the worst of all. This is because cats do not show love or like to be loved. It is better not to compare them to other pets like dogs which express love in an open way. Cats on the other hand love the owner once they are welcomed to a home. They are super enthusiastic pets too. 

Holding these myths can make us miss out on great pets like cats. So understanding them helps us to create a good environment for the cats.