101 guide to wooden steps and types of woods used

101 guide to wooden steps and types of woods used

The steps or stairs are an important part of our lifestyle. Whenever there is a requirement to access the lower or upper floors of a building, we need some sort of transportation, downwards as well as upwards. The stairs are one of the most common kinds of used modes for vertical transportation. To build the stairs, there are various kinds of materials for construction purposes. Different materials are used as per the functional requirement. If the stairs need to look appealing, then designs and flashes of lightning are also implemented. Even if there are a wide variety of materials available nowadays, the wooden made stairs remain in demand always for their classy appeal. The wooden made stairs are the most traditionally used stairs for residential purposes for many years. The wooden stairs provide an extraordinary beauty and timeless look to the appearance of the home. The wooden staircases create a focal point to the house and eventually convert the whole appearance into a beautiful decor piece because the wood can add a unique warmth as well as texture to its ambiance. The wooden stairs come in various shapes and styles by incorporating the non-timber components even in different types of spaces. So it entirely changes the look of the complete space and makes them look classy, beautiful, elegant, and smart.

The mechanical strength of the material is one of the main reasons behind the preference. Besides the general resilience, the type of wood and other non-timber material components used for the construction purpose of the stairs plays a crucial role in the determination of the strength of the wooden steps. Let us first understand the types of wood used for the stairs.

Types of Wood Used for Stairs:

The wood selection should be done keeping in mind these factors about the wooden quality. The most commonly used wooden species for timber stairs construction depends on multiple factors like:

  • Stability and durability
  • Finishing quality
  • Overall aesthetic value

The various kind of timber that fulfills these factors are discussed below:

  • Red Oak Wood Stairs: The red oak is considered the most commonly used timber for the building stairs. The red oak is easy to stain, finish, and sand. But always remember to keep wooden steps ice-free. The red oak trees are most commonly found in America, Asia, Europe, North Africa.
  • Mahogany Wood Stairs: these are some of the most premium wooden stairs. They are lightly weighted, easily turnable, and give great shape to the wood.
  • Ash Wood Stairs: the ash is kind of similar to oak, but it consists of a closed grain pattern. Making ash wood stairs is cost-effective than oak wood stairs.
  • Cypress Wood Stairs: this is one of the softwood yet stronger than many softwood stairs. The Cypress is fine-grained, and light in weight, and it can hold the paint for a longer time. These trees are mostly found in the Southeastern United States.

This is all about the stairs and types of wooden used to make stairs.

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